Monday, November 15, 2010

The Walt Stanchfield Lectures: Volumes One and Two


if your an illustrator or Comic artist, you might read this sub title and think to yourself that although this might be an interesting book, it's not for you, after all your not an animator. In my opinion, it's worth a closer look. I highly recommend these books to all story tellers in the visual arts. Walt Stanchfield's lectures are not only a treasure chest of information on the thinking that goes into drawing, visualizing, and preparation but a bible on the Psychology and the philosophy of drawing, seeing, and being, in relationship to the task of creating. I wasn't prepared for the in depth lectures on attitude, ego, and disappointment, which most of the artists I've met, in any field, seem to deal with quite a bit. Both volumes are pure gold, If I were to sum up these books in one sentence it would be; Finely tuned storytelling for the visual artist! do not let these books slip through your fingers, they'll cost a lot more when they're out of print...and right now, given the content, they are practically free.

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